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Stupid media statements


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Hi all,


I was reading some of the comments in the "Ultralight crashes, bursts into flames at Morwell " thread and have seen many more comments in other threads about how many times the media makes completely stupid and incorrect statements and assumptions about 'ultralights'.


Of course I'd have to agree with all of the comments I've seen. I always find it interesting that every single aviation incident that occurs is reported (mostly in a negative way) but never do we see any non-fatal accidents or near misses involving cars, motorbikes, buses etc etc.


Perhaps what we should be doing is (as someone suggested) starting up a wall of shame and then maybe we can send some of these idiotic claims by the media into the ABC's Media Watch. I'm sure Monica Attard would have a field day with some of the inaccuracies that have come out in the papers and news.


Food for thought!!!!





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I was on one of the jurno forums (I do night and weekend news camera work, by the way) and I put forward the very question of accuracy - four seat Ultralight and all that... and sadly, the reaction was "who really cares? we are too busy" and "thats what the cops told us, so blame them", which is fairly common.


I just shook my head, as my old editor always taught me to "get the bloody facts right".





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Guest High Plains Drifter

Good news storys


To balance the 'Wall of Shame', perhaps we also need to show examples of good news paper articles, reports, etc - something to give the bad jurno's something to aim for.


Last Sunday (02/12/07) I had a read of the Brisbane Sunday Mail. I was fully expecting an article on the mid air prang - none found (nor any since)


What I did find was a very positive full page article on hot air balloon flights out of Marreba (Hot Air, Mareeba 40399900), and a positive half page article on Beech 18 tours out of Parafield www.renaissanceair.com.au (I wonder if they do twin engine training ? - it would be fun in the old radial engined Beech)


One and a half pages of good aviation news storys - not bad


Another News paper that runs positive aviation articles near every week, is the Queensland Country Life. The most recent issue (29/11/07) has a half page article on 'Angel Flight' in the Rural Health section www.angelflight.org.au ( I think Angel flight needs a write up here in Rec Av) also in the same health section is a half page article on a Dr Carol Cox with reference to her use of light aircraft to attend her remote clinics.;)


Of course, nothing but the best comes out of Queensland.





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I'd have to agree with your last comment ..... I come from QLD originally.


I wonder whether this could actually be something Ian can set up .... an aviation media board. We could have two categories: one can be the incorrect and completely fabricated 088_censored.gif.2b71e8da9d295ba8f94b998d0f2420b4.gif and the other (as HPD mentioned) can be the positive aviation stories.



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