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Zodiac XL engine choice


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Hi All,


I'm in a bit of a quandry about which engine to go for when I get my Zodiac kit. I know I probably don't have to make the decision now but I've been advised that it may save some bucks if I get the firewall forward kit now. I'd like to ask all the budding Zodiac builders out there what their choice of engine is and why. I'm leaning toward a Jabiru because it's cheaper than a Rotax and it's locally built. I've also had a fly in Garry's Zodiac on the Gold Coast which is Jabiru powered and it seemed fine. Has anyone had any experience in a Rotax powered Zodiac ?



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I flew down to Melbourne over the weekend and have picked myself up a Corvair package for the 601. Neely every thing that i will require for the plane EG Mount, Nose Cowl, top and bottom engine covers, Motor, Carbie, Oil and fuel lines plus a lot more.


I think that the Corvair engine suits the 601 very well. I have read a lot about the engine both from WW website and from the two manuals and the 4 DVD that he has produced. His engine is now widely accepted as a cheaper alternative power plant for the 601. WW has produced a very comprehensive manual just for the 601. He goes in to detail with how the fit the Corvair into the 601 frame. He also sells all of the parts that are required. I hope to pick up the engine over the Xmas break. This will give me some thing to do while i am still waiting for my kit to leave the states (Mid January i hope).





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The 601XL was developed specifically with the 3300 as the original powerplant, although Zenair are happy to supply a 912S these days. Production aircraft have the Continental 0-200. Another auto conversion is the Great Plains liquid cooled geared VWs


Because the Jabiru is local youll probably get best cost ratio and it is the best fit overall, my 2nd choice would be a timex. 0-200 just buy new cyl. kits and mags and youre good to go





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