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Do NOT Press This Button

Guest High Plains Drifter

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Guest High Plains Drifter

Via Aero-News.net, Wed, 12/12/07


Do NOT Press This Button!


Kid Presses Button


Boy, the parents of this kid have some explaining to do. An employee event Sunday morning at the Agusta Aerospace facility at Philadelphia's Northeast Airport (PNE) turned into something between an inadvertant ski trip, and chaotic free-for-all, when the hangar filled with fire suppression foam.


The incident began when an employee's child hit a button that said "Don't Hit Button Unless In An Emergency," according to WPVI-TV in Philadelphia. That button, as you may have guessed, was connected to the hangar's emergency fire system.


Foam also spilled out onto the ramp... with the wind adding to the "ski trip" analogy.


There's no word yet on any damages, or how the lone helicopter inside the hangar weathered the sudden snow-type storm. The age of the curious tot was also not reported.


The foamy mess was cleared by the Philadelphia Fire Department. No word yet on whether Agusta plans any more family outings... ever again.





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Don't touch that button either!!!!!!!!!!!!


Many years ago I supplied automatic security gates at the J.U H.I. fuel depot at Mascot, and late one evening had to carry out a service call because one of the gates had been hit by a refuelling truck. I took my young son with me for the ride, and thought he'd enjoy the airport environment. After finishing my job, I walked across the plant to inform the site superintendant and all these fire alarms were sounding.


After being quizzed, my young fellah admitted that he might have just knocked this red button while passing. Take-offs were stopped to allow fire trucks to race across the airport, and you could hear sirens in all directions with fire trucks coming from Botany, Alexandria, Rockdale and got knows where else.


Even though a call was put through to emergency services that it was a false alarm, most of them turned-up anyway. I wanted the earth to open and swallow me up, as you could imagine. Appologies all round, and I promised the Fire Chief that my size 10 boot would be swiftly planted in his backside after they'd gone. But he replied that he did'nt think that would be necessary judgeing by he stain in the back of the boys pants.


That boy is now 29 and has taken over my business, in case any of you need a similar automatic gate installations. He's promised not to even look at any red buttons, and to keep his hands in his pockets.





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Guest TOSGcentral

Yeah - kids and aircraft do not mix!


A lot of years ago, gliding in UK, a big fear was outlandings and what the spectators may do to the aircraft (Cows were worse because they love doped fabric which is what we mainly had in those days and they would literally eat the aircraft unless you kept them away - difficult when you REALLY need to get to a phone). But the big worry was always people blowing down pitot heads - they seem to be irresistable!


Anyway, one day a mate of mine landed in a paddock (in suitable reach of phone and tea - the main essentials in a paddock landing if a pub is not handy).


The first arrival on the scene was a nine year old who had never seen a glider before in his life, dashed straight past the pilot, found the pitot tube and promptly blew down it with gusto - destroying the ASI and total energy system!


There was nearly murder committed but the infants mother waddled up beaming and she was bigger than the pilot!



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