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Wondering if anyone can help me here...


We live on a farm and have the usual problem with vermin - particularly rats and mice. We control them with baits but this winter we have had mice living part-time in the engine bays of 2 of our vehicles - and they have started nibbling on wiringsheaths and rubber bits.


I have just bought an Airborne trike and I'm concerned that the mice will love the dark, dry conditions under the full covers... (Not to mention snakes in Summer..)


Anyone had problems with mice in hangers or sheds? And, if so, how did you fix the problem? (And no, we dont have a cat.. and dont want one...)




Chris bushpilot



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Hi Chris,


I have always had mice traps laid however I was told this week that you mix cement (powder) with Icing sugar and leave it around the hanger...apparently an effective poison.


Flew trike for 10 years....no problems.


Good luck


regards Arthur



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