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Kilmore Gap


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Have been searching the net to find out more information on the Kilmore Gap especially to do with recreational flying.


Most sites are to do with the weather conditions there (very important I know) or historical incidents that have occurred there.


Where would I find information including heights, width etc?


Also information in general regarding the crossing of the Great Divide around Melbourne?


Any guidance would be welcome.







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Gidday Mark, I have some dope on the kilmore gap as follows off the melbourne -Adelaide VTC ( visual terminal chart ) Hills either side about 2600ft with the valley floor 1500ft. Kilmore is the VFR reporting for the recommended vfr route through to sugarloaf reservoir and then down to Moorabbin or Coldstream etc. Flown it many times but not in crappy weather.if the gap is at all dodgy you don't want to be flying anyway as the cloud usually banks up on the southern side, and can be usually clear on the good side (our side)


http://casa.gov.au/pilots/melb.htm Try this link for some info as well-I think the inland route gives you Kilmore





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Here's a profile tracking Mangalore - Kilmore - Sugarloaf. You can see the terrain rises very gradually and leaves a minimum of about 2000' of air beneath the overlying CTA.








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Guest AusDarren

AWIS Weather


Dont forget to check the Awis one of the very few not located at an aerodrome


can be got by phone 03 5783 2296


and VHF 128.6


great for checking cloudbase to assist with a go no go decision..







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Thanks guys...I've just learnt something as well.


I dialled the number and ... wow theres an automated bloke on the other end that gives you a weather report at Kilmore gap.....AND......I understand what he's saying:clap:011_clap.gif.c796ec930025ef6b94efb6b089d30b16.gif;)....gotta love technology







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