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Another car/aircraft combo


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Just noticed this in Sydney Morning Herald.




It is a combination of a 3 wheel car and a gyrocopter.


The specs look interesting. However the weight of 550Kg (empty I assume) may preclude registration here as an ultralight.




Technical data





Performance on land Air performance DimensionsTop speed: >200 km/h Max airspeed: 195 km/h Rotary nginePower output: 213 hp


0 - 100 km/h: < 5 sec




Min airspeed: 30 km/h




Length: 4 m




Max tilting angle: 30°




Take off distance: 50 m




Width: 1.2 m




Estimated fuel economy:




(100 km/h) 30km/litre




Min landing distance: 5 m




Height: 1.6 m





Range: 600 km


Range: 550 km


Weight: 550 kg












Fuel: 95/98 unleaded



















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Some machine huh?


Quote: "Top speed: >200 km/h


Max airspeed: 195 km/h


213 hp


Estimated fuel economy: (100 km/h) 30km/litre


Weight: 550 kg"


Note at 100km/h (a bit below 50 knots) it's burning only 3.5 litres/hr! (ie. 100km/h / 30km/l). Not bad for what is basically either an helo- or a gyro-copter at 550kgs! But also note it's just an "estimated fuel economy", but is that land cruising or flying?


Believe it when I see it!



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If it sounds too good to be true it probably is. Just working out the fuel, the ruke of thumb is 0.5lbs / hp /hour which equates to about 69 litres per hour at full bore, even halving it becomes way over the quoted figure.


0 to 100 kph < 5 sec "Wow"



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I'd buy one of these just to see the faces on the guys down at the RTA office when i rocked up to register it for the road.


With all the designs both actually funtional or not of the "flying car" concept i think my favorite would be the one from the James Bond film 'Man with Golden Gun'


Or seeing how the sea level will rise this century hows bowt the 'Flying Sub" from 'Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea'. They still have a ways to go, i belive.





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