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Legalities of renting out a Thruster?

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Hi All,


I'm still slowly looking at picking up a Thruster which would be based in/around Sydney somewhere, a few mates have expressed an interest in "renting" it from time to time if I do end up buying it. Just wondering what the legalities are of actually renting out such an aircraft, whether it be to private fliers or schools if possible as I don't know of much other than Jabs etc available for hire, thanks.



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g'day..im not real sure... r u going to insure it??...im sure it would be legal providing its maintanance release is up to date and so on..i can put you in touch with a knowlagable cfi in the sydney area if ya wanna get the goods..he leases aircraft for the school and im sure he'd be in the know..sorry i don't know a lot about this side of things (and most things really) but if you were to put it on the line at a school mabye and then ur mates could hire through them??dunno




ps...why a thruster??



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47 views and not a single opinion out there? Come on guys surely someone must know??

I guess none of the 47 know anybody who does this ! Certainly some owners cross-hire their planes to schools (& hence through the schools to other pilots). Can't quite see why it wouldn't be possible to do it without the school in the arrangement.


The plane would have to be L2 or LAME mantained and, unless its a 4-stroke, I think you would struggle to get insurance. This could put you on a very sticky wicket in the event of a mishap. Selling shares in the plane is a much common arrangement though (possibly for this reason).





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