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I wonder if it would be possible to have a builders log application (something like Kitlog Pro perhaps) on this (Recreationalflying) site. I know people are giving us a record of their building progress in other threads (eg. "Cowboy Up", J160 and J230) but maybe a dedicated area would be better able to keep the records easily accessible long after we have finished our projects.


It would be good for new starters to see the trials and tribulations of taking on such a project, both for inspiration and direction and it would be a great addition to the Recreationalflying family of sites. - Ian ?



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As a slow kit builder of the J160 the biggest help I would like would probably be exposure to more L2s and other builders of composites. The dilemmas that the inexperienced builders face every day really slow you down as you do jobs in the wrong order or unsatisfactorily as you might discover later on. I have only had substantial contact with one other builder of a J160 and he lives about 500+ Km from here.


I think if I were silly enough to build another one I could do it in a fraction of the time although accumulating the available disposable assets might still be a limiting factor.


I would rather spend the time flying - A flying friend I met in Davis, California about twenty years ago told me after I told him what I was doing said to me


"In my experience people either build aeroplanes or fly them. They generally do not or can not do both".


That did not do much for my state of mind as I see the various syndicate members and private owners around this area fly their aircraft all over.


A big plus for being a kit builder is the better understanding you gain of the systems in your aeroplane and some of the limitations and compromises made in the building or assembly of that kit and the requirements of a sensible maintenance program.





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There are a lot of Aussie builders who fly as well, it is necessary to fly as you build to keep up competency, and also to have a break occasionally.


Maybe a list of builders and their projects would help others. A PM would get you in touch and not clog up the forum.


Anyone building a Corby let me know and I may have a few tips.



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