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Have just had my trial instructural flight at Gawler S.A. (Jabiru J160) and by enlarge enjoyed it. Have booked next lesson in a week, so must have been ok.


Having now read some thoughts of past learners via these and other internet links, I feel relieved to hear that anxiety, fear and nervousness are common.


Throttling the stick to death was not good and not having ever met the instructor I don't think is good. I am a friendly sort of person but I found him to be overpowering tho' strictness is always good.


Have downloaded a picture of instument panel, so when a direction is issued by the CFI I can locate correct instrument instantly.


I am 49 years old and own a country newsagency, any encouragement or advice greatly received.





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Welcome Tomo to the forums 018_hug.gif.8f44196246785568c4ba31412287795a.gif - we're a friendly bunch here, good to see your on your way - most of us are the wrong side of 50 - but flyin' keeps you young. ;) Ask anything you're not sure of and remember there are no silly questions - just silly answers.....:big_grin:





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Good luck with your training Tomo. I began my lessons in September last year and so far have eleven hours of fun filled flying. My goal is to qualify for my restricted licence around April this year, with cross country and passenger endorsements to follow.


I would expect some nervousness during initial stages of learning and this will most likely have some distorting effect on the relationship you have with your instructor. I believe each flight should be safe, a learning experience, and fun. If your instructor is fulfilling these criteria, maybe you could spend some time on the ground just confirming what's going on and exactly what you expect from your training (what are your goals). Remember that you are the one handing over the hard earned cash - don't settle for less than you would expect to give.


Keep asking questions, enjoy the learning, and share your experiences. :big_grin:


Regards, Mathew



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Welcome and absolutely, keep asking questions, as us instructors do need to know you are thinking about what is happening.


Welcome Tomo, some of our members here at Jamestown have aircraft at Gawler, one of them makes the explosive things happen at our airshows.


We have a flyin and Hangar dinner on the 19th April, what part of the country is your newsagency in?


Have an awesome time, good on you!


Cheers Guy



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Hi Tomo, welcome to the forum. I came to RAAust flying fairly recently with some experience in flying sailplanes (gliders) so had to do lessons in the older Jab LSA 55 with a young instructor (younger than me) who did not talk as much as I expected.


I realised later, after getting my ticket etc that to speed up the process I should have been talking to the instructor a lot more while I was flying so that he would know what I was thinking and what action I was contemplating and what alternatives I had thought of if any! It would have been more productive of the time and money spent. It was enjoyable enough but on reflection I think I could have learnt a lot more.


On strangling the stick, I discovered in flying in gliders that if I looked at my hand on the stick occasionally and if it looked all white with all the blood squeezed out of it it was time to let it get some air. Just hold it with thumb and index finger to get the circulation back in the hand and stop the wings shaking!


But the shaking could be easily cured by actually letting the glider or plane fly itself for a few seconds hands free! The instructor is not usually impressed though if you actually let go the stick so you would probably need to distract him a bit.





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