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Another aviation nut


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Hi all, been mad about aircraft as long as I can remember, survived a few years paragliding, learnt to fly in C150/2s in the '90's, before a zig which should have been a zag, in business put paid to that sort of thing. Since then I have had to settle for (lots of) unofficial time on anything from a weight shift trike to a Caravan.


Have now settled in this wonderful part of the world and looking to get active again. Have flown and enjoyed a Jabiru, will be taking a closer look at the competition before making any decision. The Jab doesn't seem to be a popular choice on the Gold Coast, although I may have been looking in the wrong places! Looks like I'll be visiting a couple of airfields again (sigh).







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Hi Carl and welcome,


Im looking for a plane also at min. Jabs are proven and australian so giving them some thought. Make sure you fly some as some models are a little tricky on take off and landings.






PS I would love a J230!!!!!



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