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Welding Course - Sydney

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A welding course is being held at Camden Aerodrome in Sydney on 16 February 2008, for those that would like to refine their welding skills and know the essentials for building experimental category (homebuilt) kit aircraft. It is a 1 day course taught by Licenced Aircraft Maintenance Engineer(s). It will cover welding 4130 material, various techniques, general information and other welding topics to help you get the most out your welding.


If you are interested there is a brochure and more info at http://www.saaachapter11.com .


There is only room for 12 people on this course, so be quick.







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This will be a good session to attend if you want to get on the right track with welding. The prfesentors are very experienced in aircraft construction and maintenance. It will be quite informal.


It will be held in Dent Aviation's hangar (Hangar 740) which is at the runway end of the hangars, past the control tower.


Plenty of parking available. Probably a bar-b-que lunch. Plus other attractions for the homebuilder.


Look forward to seeing you there.:)


Old Man Emu



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Well, it was a very good day. The participants were given a great deal of advice and instruction. Lots of acetylene was burnt and heaps of tubing was welded together. One participant even made a tow bar for his plane.


Keep an eye out for the Composites day to be held after NatFly, and a fabric day after that.


Old Man Emu



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