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Had to read that carefully, it seems they broke quite a few rules namely having "get-there-itis", but the one that brought them unstuck was changing gears during a water crossing in the 4WD, which sounds like a lack of off-road driving experience or training. Kind of like doing your magneto checks during your take-off roll.



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Guest Andys@coffs

Actually I dont quite see it the same way, While they may have broken a few rules of 4wding, and you could argue their decision making skills were flawed, they did live to try another day, and that alone shows some forethought. I'd much prefer to read about a successful EPIRB related rescue than a fatality because that lack of forethought extended to not thinking about sh*t happening.


While people will argue that the emergency resources where abused, I suspect that they practise and train for these things anyway and what better way to practise than a for real situation where no body gets hurt and the emergency services bean counters can probably charge them for the training (actually I dont know if they can or not!)




P.S I'm not condoning what happened at all, just pointing out that it could have been a far worse outcome but for someone having a bright idea about an EPIRB



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I tend to agree with Andy here.


1. People take off in 4wd (wet so get 4wd instead of commodore);)


2. People stuff up in 4wd :;)1:


3. People try to get themselves out of the bog and cant:sad:


4. People activate emergency plan when all else fails:confused:


5. Other people respond appropriately to EPIRB activation and get People out of the poo.:big_grin:


6. Glad to know system works.;)011_clap.gif.c796ec930025ef6b94efb6b089d30b16.gif


Take 1 piece out of bucket of luck and put into bucket of experience !! ;)







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