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Wonderful day


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This is not exactly a trip report as such but... Today(3rd February) a group of members(friends) of St.John Ambulance(NSW) went flying out at The Oaks, basiclly a TIF.


We had some of the St.John cadets with us all the 14/15 age group, boy they were so keen and after four of them took to the skys in four seperate aircraft, well the grins were brightening up a very dull day. They were absorbed in the theory of flight talks and I can see them all coming back for more, a very rewarding day for everyone.The flights were restricted because of the poor weather but that did not put off these young people at all, even stood in the light rain to listen to some of the theory of flight.


One of the highlights(laughts) of the day was a simulated "moon" of a Thruster pilot taxiing by, boy what a shock for him.


The rest of us are back with Dave on the 17th February, we hope the instructors (and the two dogs there)will join us at the BBQ this time and not be so shy. We now have to consume another 3kg of cooked bangers over this week(thanks guys???)


Some pictures to follow,I hope????


We would like to thank Dave and all the other instructors from Daves flying school for thier understanding and not taking Valium until after the flights, ha, ha.


We try to get our cadets to try as many activities as we can, our aim is to give them as broad experiance base as we can.


We have at least two from the group of nine that will be taking up flying.;)




"whenever I feel blue, I start breathing again"



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Guest disperse

was a true pity that not everyone got up today ..... but I do hope they'll be back !!!


I was there today sitting in the back of the drifter for the first time with Sunny... In under 60 seconds you realize why drifter drivers swear by them... being out there was magic. So a big thanks to Drifter drive (AKA)Sunny for the early call and lift down for a fly...... really made my day.... and with definitely be flying them again and throughly enjoy the few circuits we did. Thanks Sunny I would recomend it to anyone



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Guest Fred Bear

Glad you enjoyed it Bob. Anything else you need contact me like you have been. Sometimes John and Dave need a kick-start! I am hoping to make it out for your next one. Weather did not look too good Sunday so we gave it a miss. Troy, good to see Sunny has claimed another 'victim'. Told you that you would enjoy it ;)



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Hi Darren,


yes Troy did enjoy it there was a contest to see who had the biggest smile him or the young people, I would not like to judge that contest.


The rain was good, I shrunk two sizes in it but made up for it with the extra food from the BBQ - thanks Dave.



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Well done Icebob!


Could you give me some St John advice? I run a monthly sporting competition and am looking at getting St John people there. How do I go about organising this and how much should I budget for?


At one comp last year a competitor shattered her spine. (Fortunately we didn't move her and called the ambulance, even though she said she was OK - and after some operations she's now walking again).



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