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CTSW Airfilter


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Hi David,


Not an easy task sorry to say. I replaced my filter at 600 hrs but didn't really need it. Had a little difficulty sourcing a replacement but the local Repco guys managed to find one after a couple of days searching. From memory about $25.


Why did I replace it? Well after 600 hrs, why not? But more to the point I had the engine out making access dead simple.


You'll notice that the fibreglass air intake and filter housing is held in place by 4 screws. These need to be undone (be careful not to drop any) and the housing dropped sufficiently to lift the filter out, then it's a simple matter to just lift it out and drop the new one back in. With the engine in place, I find that the lack of clearance between the air intake assembly and the ignition assembly makes it near impossible to drop the intake enough to remove the filter but you might just be able to get away with removing the 2 front screws and loosening the 2 back screws. You'll just have to try it to see.


Mine used to have a zip tie across the top of the filter as if to prevent it falling up and out. A bit pointless really as the intake airflow, snug fit and gravity are more than enough to keep it in place ... I make it a point not to fly inverted with the engine off :ah_oh:. So if yours has this zip tie don't be bothered about snipping it away.


I doubt with the few hours on you CT (unless you've been flying through heavy dust storms) it will need changing. Let's know how you go with it.


BTW, how are you enjoying it? Do you plan to attend the fly-in?







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Thks Paul, Mine took in the vicinity of 8hrs but ithink I could reduce that to about 4hrs now I have the experience. I took it out not so much as to replace the filter but to address the issue of the hot air flap bushes coming adrift from the fibreglass housing resulting in continuous hot air ingestion. the reason for the question was that I thought I may have been missing the obvious, but no it seems. i needed to remove most of the fuel hoses ,the little "black boxes' to provide clearance, but that faded into to insignificance compared to getting the flexible air intake ducts and actuation cable back into place. I can see it would be a piece of cake with the engine out and at one stage contemplated that. Not sure about the fly in at this stage. David



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