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Damaged Thruster


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Guest TOSGcentral

The aircraft is a T85SG built in 1984 or possibly 1985. It has a 25.5' wing span.


From the photos the following can be deduced:


TUBING REQUIREMENTS. It will require new front and rear wing spars, drag spars and lift struts (the compression struts and fittings normally survive this sort of thing but there may be cable damage). That will cost about $1100 plus freight for blank material and does not include actually fabricating the components.


From damage like that there is a possibility that boom may be damaged at the rear wing spar fitting - that is normally terminal. They are $660 plus freight for blank material and you will want large diameter drill bits and good quality stand drills to re-fabricate a boom.


One wing fabric is totally beyond help so it would be better to re-Dacron the aircraft or it is going to look rather odd. (Approx $2,500).


The aircraft has undergone considerable lateral force and will require a new set of undercarriage springs (approx $140) and may have damaged the u/c carry frame (difficult to get hold of now but being 95.10 can be solved reasonably easily).


The T85SG goes with with the R503 engine but this one is an unknown quantity with only sketchy, hearsay history and no log books. A re-build costs $3500. The prop looks OK.


On top of this you have additional costs of UACR, rego markings, rego, collection costs, and a few hundred dollars normally for odds and ends etc.


The labour component of repairs to this aircraft would be around 50 hours - if you know what you are doing.


The current market value of any Thruster single seater in good condition is $5000 to $6500.


You should be careful that what looks like a cheap aircraft is very easy to over-capitalise!


Also remember that advice on type identification, initial damage assessment, valuations etc is free for the asking from TOSG. You may not hear what you want to hear but the advice will be both blunt and sound.


On the other hand we can help you obtain top market dollar for good condition Thrusters that are well documented and can assist with free advertising.







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Tony, I'm not in the market for an aircraft just yet, but I do appreciate the advice you have given to the forum. Without knowing some basic considerations such as you have outlined, the unwary could easily spend twice what a good condition machine might cost, or end up with an unsafe ultralight - neither scenario is good.


Thanks for your input. Mathew ;)



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Looks like a good buy for spare parts though, perhaps to repair an aircraft with nose over damage on landing, as prop, pod, engine brackets look good.


Although even then the boom condition would probably make or break it as a spares proposition.


I echo Tony's comments about the lack of history on airframe or engine.


Cheers, BobT



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