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  1. Hi Kyle, I've been out of touch a bit. I didn't think Malta had enough flat space to have airstrips? Re struts, We don't have a factory as such anymore over here, I think Thruster Australia may be still be operating out of Evans Head?. TOSG has pretty much faded away now, otherwise the guys at Watts Bridge would have helped you out. Are the machined ends of the struts OK? If so then you just need to replace the aluminium tube , it will probably be an inch size. Any aircraft engineer could replace the tube. Although it needs to be anodised , so thats an extra cost. Chee
  2. Holbrook: The trampoline of airports! Odd you should mention Holbrook, I'd only done wheelers during training and was pretty hopeless at them , but I normally use three pointers all the time. Then went to a fly-in at Holbrook, thought I'd do a wheeler, and did two huge bounces to the accolades of hundreds of onlookers!!! So embarrassing! Pud has a good point re tail wheels (and damage to them), after landing a three pointer, I'd pick up the tail pretty much straight away and do a tail up taxi all the way back (except with tail-winds) until I was ready to park. I think of the tail
  3. Hi Pud , Looked at them on the weekend, My ends are good, there's a few spots of pitting corrosion (must be pinholes in the clear coating?) Cheers, BobT
  4. More on Strut Attachment & info on intergranular corrosion Hi Pud. I'm speculating the parts are made from 2024 alloy. (Based on your observations and mine of the powdery white corrosion) It's usually known as "machining grade". It has abysmal corrosion performance, even sitting on the metal rack in the shed it gets covered in a white frost. Given the operating conditions, a 606x alloy would have been a much better choice for this part (or even marine grade 5052 alloy). I think the original designers were led astray by the appeal of the higher UTS (60,000psi) of the 2024
  5. Hmm , Looks like the same part on the T500. I'll check it out next time. Looks like the fault is due to material defect in the aluminium alloy bar used to make the parts. (some kind of inclusion. like a "cold shut" ). "Cold Shut 2 (1) A discontinuity that appears on the surface of cast metal as a result of two streams of liquid meeting and failing to unite. (2) A portion of the surface of a forging that is separated, in part, from the main body of metal by oxide. " I wouldn't think this kind of defect would exist in extruded material though?. Thruster UK needs to trace bac
  6. Hi all, My vote is for three wheelers, It's what I've always done in my Thruster. I can do them on dirt, grass, sand, bitumen in upto 20kts headwind and 15kts sidewind. My worst landings have been my attempts at wheelers! I have the long, soft springs and some say this makes it more prone to bouncing/ballooning. Its helpful to have a quick hand on the throttle, as you will sometimes benefit from a little extra power, especially with Pax and full fuel. To do a dead-stick three-pointer can be quite tricky, as you need to arrange to have the right combination of vertical and horiz
  7. Thruster Bob


    Hi Rocket Driver. I'm someone who has built their own trailer. It tows backwards, the basic frame is like a boat trailer (Mine is registered as a boat trailer, It's 180kg empty) , and the thruster wheels sit on pads behind the mudguards. The wings mount beside the fuselage (with skins still on) they are bolted to the trailer frame using the existing brackets on the wing spars. You need to take the elevators off, and put them in the vehicle. You should ideally take the propellor off , or a low hanging tree will do the job for you. The only problem with my trailer is the bottom of the f
  8. Bob...I just saw a photo of your beautiful blue Thruster...I am in love Bob.
  9. Trailering : Best way to get your new plane home Oops, Thanks Tony for pointing out my omission. One of the most obvious reasons for trailering it is on aircraft acquisition. Having a new pilot fly an unfamiliar (and most likely dodgy) aircraft long distance is a recipe for disaster. You should assume if you buy an aircraft from anyone but Tony, that it almost certainly has one or two minor irregularities, which can be hazardous in all but the most competent pilots hands. Most aircraft accidents are not caused by a single factor, but a combination of individual factors, each of whi
  10. Trailer with assembled wings Hi Guys, I scratchbuilt a trailer to carry my Thruster, and it carried the wings fully assembled. Each wing bolts to an approx 4ft square rectangular frame of 1" RHS, using the standard wing attachment points. Each of these rectangular frames is pivoted where it attaches to the trailer, so the wing can go from horizontal for attachment to aircraft, to just past vertical for stowage on the trailer. The horizontal position has the wings at the same height as the aircraft so in theory one can just wheel up the fuselage and attach a wing,( in practice it is ne
  11. its all greek to me! Ah.. a common mistake translating the ancient Greek text to English : ο βρυχηθμός του θριάμβου του. has been mistranslated from το κουδούνισμα του θριάμβου του it should have read "The rattle of his Triumph could be heard through the streets of Jeruselem" Now we're talking legendry British workmanship!
  12. Yea therily It also mentions something about anointing with oil , so they were definately Trumpys!
  13. another Mustang I was hanging out for Beaver, but I'm another Mustang! You are a P-51 MUSTANG. You enjoy classic things. You like the beauty of old machinery, and the way that it awed the world. You love adventure, and you like being top dawg. You are powerful, and you are determined. You see qualities in things that most people do not. So buckle your seat belt and tear up the skies, it's your turn to have some fun!! BobT
  14. Thruster flight to Cape York for red nose day Hi Guys, In 1995 I did a fund raising trip to Cape York for Red Nose day (in my little blue Thruster with a red nose painted on). I should scan in the photos and upload them. We started in Newcastle and flew to Boonah to join up with the other 5 ultralights. We officially started the flight from Amberley AFB , then we went up to Cooktown inland then onto Weipa, then just two aircraft went up to the tip. ( I planned on going to the tip of Cape York, but lost an exhaust spring, and punctured a tyre on departure from Coen, so stoppe
  15. Thruster Bob

    wheel base

    Mine measures 2200mm (no wings, on trailer) Hi Fly, Just ran down the shed and measured mine, it's a T500 (25-0294) . I have the long floppy springs. Wheelbase outer edge to outer edge of tyre is 2200mm, when on the trailer , this is with 6" wide tyres (Kenda 15x600-6) on aluminium rims . (I think I got my wheels from Airborne here in Newcastle, they are fairly standard aircraft tyres). The measurement would be slightly wider sitting on the ground, with wings attached, and fuel in the tank, (after pushing the aircraft forward a bit), probably close to your 2300mm then. I'm guessing
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