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  1. OK, I'll bite Where does 'politically correct' come in? Ok, girls generally seem less interested in flying than boys, but plenty have just not been brought up to expect to enjoy it, often by mummies and daddies who've been brought up with that expectation. After all, only a small proportion of boys end up as aircrew. ☔ Go on, give the girls a chance to say 'no thanks'. ☔ Back to the OP, I don't see a short term problem; the graphs show a drop off, true, but only back to the levels at the beginning of the year with a COVID-time swell through the southern autumn. Longer term, it's the
  2. This is the gulliest gull wing aircraft I can think about. Minimoa Not a good answer to the OP question though...
  3. It seems like you may be down to making your own template from first principles - at least you have the wing frame and the battens to start from. I suppose it depends on how many $$ you hope to save. However you solve the problem, good luck with it. As I said on the UK forum, it looks a nice little aeroplane.
  4. I only knew Tony via email as I distributed his TOSG bulletins in the UK. I'd say he knew a lot and his opinions deserved attention, whether or not you agreed with any or all of them. I'd certainly be happy to see the TOSG pages back up. If I recall correctly, one of Tony's reasons for preferring wheeler landings was that three-point landings hammered the tail structure when in the training role with student attemps at landing several times per hour. I preferred the other way around because when the student has tailwheel landings under reasonable control it became possible to convert a bo
  5. Back from a long time away from here... the TOSG link in the OP doesn't work for me. Does TOSG still exist? We in UK have our own baby version at https://groups.io/g/Thrusterclub
  6. Why, thank you kind sir... and today's reason for not flying is: FOG. Yesterday's reason was rain. Joan
  7. re Tony Hayes's articles: while I was distributing his TOSG bulletins in the UK he kindly allowed me to publish the text of his articles on landing on my web site. You can access them [here]. Hope they help. I believe his excellent taildragger training manuals are still available from his widow. Joan www.SaxonMicro.co.uk
  8. Now we're talking about near London, I've just gotta plug my own place Saxon Microlights - microlight flying lessons for Essex and London We fly Thruster. North Weald was a military airfield between 1916 and the 1970s. It played an important role during second world war, most notably during the Battle of Britain and Nowadays the airfield hosts several flying groups operating everything from microlights, through ordinary cessnas, to piston and jet warbirds via helicopters and bizjets - all with nothing more controlling than an air/ground radio service (and a dose of common sense
  9. Those of you with UK design Thrusters (the Vision series, I believe) may be interested in this service bulleting from the Thruster factory. It affects all UK Thruster types using the aerofoil section struts. [added] Only those with aluminium alloy strut ends, steel ones are OK. http://www.thruster.co.uk/documents/TAS_SB013.pdf Joan www.saxonMicro.co.uk
  10. I suggest these people Somerset Microlights for flying out West (Other sites and schools are available) I did my microlight instructor course there. Joan www.SaxonMicro.co.uk
  11. Well since then we've heard, of course, that the factory has had it's approval and I understand that they are building new aircraft again. Those who read about my training simulator in the TOSG bulletin a few issues back may be interested in the latest enhancement, a 'tactile transducer' fitted to the seat - known in the trade as a butt-kicker. It's now possible to feel that all-important transition between earth and sky, and back again. It's made an instant improvement to the training value in the landing phase with one student making a marked (and sustained) improvement in his landings af
  12. There's now quite a nice promo video on the new UK factory's web site Video Player Joan
  13. Thanks for the kind words, Tony, Latest news on the rumour network is that the new Thruster factory has been awarded it A1 approval by the CAA. This still needs to be officially confirmed.... Edited to add that it seems the rumour mill was too optimistic. Apparently sucessful meeting was had with the CAA but it's not in the bag (yet, we hope). Joan
  14. She's also got original-style curved 2-leaf undercarriage springs. you can't see them but you may notice the pod is sitting slightly lower than you may be used to seeing - about 2 inches in fact, which I believe makes it slightly easier to get into a three-point attitude than with the later straight 3-leaf springs. I know Tony disagrees Joan
  15. This might interest. It's a picture of our (UK) TST with its trailer being used as a rigging aid. You can see the supports which allow the wings to be transported rigged. Joan
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