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  1. ....hearing on that plaintive cry of.....
  2. Thruster, dont wait, do it as soon as you can. Life is too short Cheers Bryon
  3. I did mine a couple of years ago as well Flew a Mk9 Spitfire dual control out of Biggin Hill along the South Downs to Thames Valley Flew over Sheppey and Dartmouth then returned to Biggin Hill doing THREE victory rolls along the way I now have officially 20 mins of Spitfire flight in my logbook
  4. ....was one of shock and horror as Turquoise (with a hint of saffron) was the new black. How could Nobu have made such a monumental faux pas? Everyone knew.....
  5. ....knoll, where Bull lay, taking deliberate aim, with the wind factored in, at.........
  6. ......."dont eat the yellow snow"......
  7. ......into the previous nights curry to give the pilot such a reaction. Could it have been........
  8. ...t....t....ttttrim, t....t....ttttaut and......
  9. Dont you know that Avgas will mask the smell of cheap perfume, unless you are wearing a newly issued mile high badge...:roflmao::roflmao:
  10. ....gender divide (NTTIAWWT). Alli (AKA Gerard) had made a living performing as Geraldine in the various rissoles around Wagga area for years. The only person who knew his real identity was Cappy who made a living as his PIMP (Personal Image Management Professional) or as others called him, the old pro. Cappy had no idea of the latent religious leanings of his client, but when he found out about Alli, he............
  11. ........we did have those loverly pampers grass stalks to tickle your...........
  12. Correct me if I am wrong, but I am sure that as soon as you are found to be COV19 positive, you have to be quarantined until you get TWO consecutive negative results If that is the case, the only people who should be out and about are people who have tested negative, so what use is it? I am getting cynical in my old age and can only see this as a tracking device. Also, the information is held by Amazon, and AFAIK, they have been known to sell personal information
  13. Farri, I am just like you. Everytime the wheels leave the ground, it is a magic experience
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