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Bad Press?

Guest Redair

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Greetings each, and to get away from conveyor belts for a moment, I have just read an article in Aviator magazine, which to me isn't doing Recreational Aviation many favours.


First, I should point out to those on the other side of the gender fence, that I am not having a go at a female writer, but at what has been writen, so no accusations of a sexist agenda please.


The article is entitled, "Recreationally Challenged", now in this world of political correctness gone mad, it would rather imply that there is something inherently wrong with Recreation Aviation. I mean, the use of any word, followed by "Challenged" normally implies that a polite and non-offensive way has been found to point out a defect or abnormality, or to some way indicate an inferior condition. So it would seem that the title, however clever it was meant to be, can, and no doubt will, be misunderstood by most that read it, and indeed confirm the defective status of Recreational flying to those who already hold it in low regard.


Secondly, and a point that will no doubt be taken up by those who own Jabiru 160s, there is mention, not once but twice of the said aircraft being put into a spiral dive. Now forgive me if I'm wrong, but isn't a spiral dive the sort of high speed, high force kind of manoeuvre that should be avoided at all costs in an ultralight aircraft?


So is it me? Am I just seeing trouble where there isn't any, or has anyone else read the article and felt that it isn't doing much to show Recreational Aviation in a good light? Read it and see what you think.





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I have not read the article, maybe it should be posted here.


Concerning the spiral dive, it is not dangerous when done under control, as it is only really a descending turn. The danger comes when control is lost and the speed is allowed to build excessively.


What is Aviator magazine and where does it come from?



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