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Lightwing GA912 thoughts wanted


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Hello all,


Myself and another are deparately looking to purchase a great aircraft on a small budget...


I see there is a GA912 advertised in QLD and looks very clean and is factory built. Can people give me their views on the aircraft. Speed, x-country, landings? (it's a tail dragger), comfort (im 6'1')


Anything else greatly appreciated? Value for money?





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Not real fast but a great plane, have flown in one, owner had many good years of flying it.


Just have it very carefully checked out......dont believe everthing you hear at first. Check things out.





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Hi Jim


They are a great aircraft, however it all comes down to what you want to do!


What engine does the one you are looking at have? 2 stroke/4 stroke and horses?


If you are going any distance they don't go there in a hurry!


If you just want to get your bum of the ground and go up the road for a coffee, they are a great machine for this, or if you like to have a good look at things while touring, they also good. If you need to get somewhere in a relatively short space of time, maybe you should consider something else!


Cheers Guy



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