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Tacho to suit VW

Guest Escadrille

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Guest Escadrille

Hi all,


Can anyone tell me where I can buy a suitable tacho to suit a VW (HAPI) 1835 aero engine.


I don't want a huge great Beetle instrument. Surely VDO or Smiths make one suitable that I could buy from Autopro or Repco?


Anyone know for sure of type nos or of an outlet in Australia?







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Guest spacewalker



It depends on what type of ignition system you are using. Some take the signal from the negative side of the ignition coil, some wrap around the HT lead and others need a pickup placed on the flywheel or alternator. I have just been through this and my advice was to use a Tiny Tach. However, Wadair advised me that they have some problems when fitted to 4-strokes, so still looking...





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VW Tacho


Dear Andy,


Used a Tiny Tach on my VW for years. Just need unshielded leads and a few raps of the sensor wire around will do it. When the battery finally gives up the ghost you can carefully dismantle the case and install a watch battery and go again. No problems.


Regards, Don.



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