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T500 Engine mounting Brackets


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Hi, was wondering if anybody knew the correct positioning of the engine mounting brackets (for a T500, Rotax 582). I've found that they fit in several ways. The bolt holes to the engine are slightly offset, so there must be only one correct way.


Any help is appreciated. Thanks. Paul.



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Guest TOSGcentral

Hi M8,


Your answer is very simple.


The 582s 'maybe' off set to counter the pressure on your left foot as would otherwise be the case from the engine torque at substantial power.


I assume that you are talking about the two alloy plates that the engine itself bolts to directly?


Just lay the plates out in front of you and juggle them around. The mounting holes in the engine are fixed in a rectangle and the off-set plates are also fixed in a rectangle of mounting holes.


Visualise the engine sitting on top of the plates when you are standing behind them. The off-set needs the engine thrust line to be pointing to the left


Put the plates on the engine mount in that configuration and then bolt the engine down to it.


It is just that easy.







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Hi Beau ,


As Tony says it's pretty simple. There are only two sensible options, the one that makes the engine pull you to the left is the one you want. I made mine from scratch, by copying another guys. Makes a difference to rudder trim!.


While you are there, check the Chrome-Moly engine bracket for cracks around the welds, corrosion, and broken rivets. Also check the aluminium struts (that pass through the pod) at each end and at the pod pass-through point for wear.


Check the rubber bushes too, and note that a well balanced, tracking propellor minimises wear and tear.


Cheers, BobT



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Hi Paul.


Its good when it flies straight, gives you a chance to read the map :smiley4:.


You might also want to (get to 4000'AGL first!) check to see if your power-on-stall response has changed. I haven't flown for a bit, so Tony will probably correct me here!.


I think before your aircraft would have always dropped the right wing first. Now it should just hang there and sway from side to side (you are, of course, using your feet to keep the wings level at this stage). Don't push it too hard as you can drop into a tail slide/spin.


It's useful knowing how your aircraft behaves in these conditions, so you can veer the correct side around a tree/windmill/powerline whilst climbing out.:ah_oh:


Remember the golden rule for spin recovery "push on the top pedal" (this is the pedal that is closest to the pilot, you will feel it pushing against your foot).




When I changed my mount brackets, I also changed to urethane bushes, thinking they would last longer. I flew just one circuit,049_sad.gif.af5e5c0993af131d9c5bfe880fbbc2a0.gif then swapped back to the soft rubber bushes, as the urethane bushes were transmitting a lot more vibration back into the airframe.


Cheers, BobT



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