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Instrument Panels - Why don't they curve them a little

Guest Ginger

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As a student I find it a little annoying not to get a decent view of the small instruments on the right of the panel.


I am referring to the 50mm tacho, the engine temp and the oil pressure of the Sportstar although a similar problem applies to other aircraft.


I thought you should be able to read an instrument accurately with just a glance, however the small instruments on the right hand side are not really good for this.


I don't think we need to have a fully perpendicular view of the instruments on the opposite side of the panel but a small curve to improve it wouldn't hurt.


There must be others with this problem so why not?



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The Instructor's too busy looking out the front window (or side window the way some guys fly their final approach) at whatever obstacle the student's trying to fly them into to worry about a little thing like an oil pressure gauge.


Well dressed instructor --> 041_helmet.gif.78baac70954ea905d688a02676ee110c.gif


Student de-brief --> :hittinghead:



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