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just a local jaunt

Guest Macnoz

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Guest Macnoz

thanks for your kind comments.


Your trip reports are a hard act to follow Ultralights! I think someone asked you before what camera you use as your shots are stunning. I believe i bumped into you once at Hoxton Park. I landed jthe Tecnam just a few minutes ahead of you then watched in horror as you got nearly bumped into more literally on short final!


Mazda. I (part) own a J160C based at Caboolture and fly most weekends. If you are ever up that way give me a shout and you can jump in and we can do Moreton , Straddie, Gold Coast return





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yep, that was me, ATSB recieved a report over that one.. not a fun day, ironically enough, the aircraft that almost took me out was the very same aircraft that i first soloed in many years ago....


as for the pics, about half are taken with a mobile phone, Nokia N73, with the 3 mp camera, and the rest are taken with an Olympus U790, 7.2 MP but its waterproof and takes a great underwater snap, though i dont ever plan on doing that while in an aircraft..


I will be flying back at Hoxton pretty regularly soon, as its only 5 weeks to go till settlement on my house, and i will be starting on my CPL and instructors rating with Ashley.(if i dont get accepted by REX first)



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