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bing 54

Guest fly

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to all .


Setting up some new carby cables, not getting full return to idle????


Could some one tell me how far up the piston in a Bing 54 travels at the full throttle setting.


Does the lower part of the piston skirt go well up in the body or just clear the throat opening.


Advice appreciated , thank you ...............FLY



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I hold a level 2 maintenance authority and I`ve just finished making and fitting new throtle cables to my new Rotax 503.


If you`re not getting idle either your inner cable is sticking,the cable is too short, the cable adjustment is not correct or your idle adjustment screw is too far in,not allowing the slide to come all the way down,start by making sure that the screw is out far enough to allow the slide to go all the way to the bottom.


If the inner cable is too short and not allowing the slide to go all the way down you can cut back some of the outer cable which will make the inner cable longer, then take up any slack by adjusting the screw that the cable sits in on top of the carby.


You should not be able to see any of the carby slide when the throtle is fully applied.


If I`ve been of any assistance,please let me know.







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Guest TOSGcentral

You have not stated what model (or even type) or aircraft you are operating!


On the 95.25 (and most) Thrusters there is a throttle stop bolt in the cockpit that linits throttle lever range and can also be used at the other end of the throttle cable range to set up the overall slide travel.


To add to what Farri has said above. There is a big spring in the Bing 54. With the throttle lever closed and the air cleaners off - if you put a finger in to lift the slide and then release it there should be a positive click against the slow running tapered screw. If this does not happen then you have a cable length/adjustment challenge.


It it does happen it does not mean that it is right and you still have to tinker with the cable length and adusters.





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Farri, thank you for reply.


Tony, also thank you.


The aircraft is a T 500 Thruster neo, r582


I understand what you guys are saying, as far as setting up the idle.


I have no sticking cables and appreciate the adjustments,


The bing 54 carby piston or slide lower skirt is not even in the horizontal plane


When viewed from air intake side with air cleaner removed, shows the rear of the piston/slide skirt ie part which is closest to the engine to be approx 1/2 inch lower than the front.


At full throttle the front of piston/ slide [closest to air cleaner] cannot be seen[viewed with air cleaner removed but the rear is still down 1/2 inch


My throttle cable has ample free inner cable and travel, but if I set full throttle with the rear of piston out of sight I cannot get a full return to idle.


However if I set it with only front of piston out of sight, it happily clicks back to the idle screw


Still dont know if both front and back or only front of piston/slide should be out of sight for full throttle setting


can someone duck out to the hanger pull full throttle remove the air cleaner and have a look if the rear of the skirt can be seen hanging down 1/2 inch or so


thanks guys I hope you can follow this,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,FLY



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Guest TOSGcentral

Then that would appear to be your problem - you are over-adjusting!


When setting up the carb I will set the idle adjuster screw to about half way and I am getting a good positive contact beween the slide and the screw's taper. I then adjust the cables so that the slide fully withdraws out of view, but I still have good positive contact on throttle closing.


There is a 'bite' out of the slide on the side facing you. The apex of the bite will normally withdraw out of sight (going upwards) by perhaps 1/4").


I do not know what the back of the slide is doing - I have never looked but I expect it would be well down in view. I have to go to the hangar today to fits some aerofoil lift struts and rig a T500 so I will take a look.


With each carb set up in this manner I will then balance the carbs by small adjustments such that both slide apex withdraw from view at exactly the same time.


Once done it is a final check for smoothness of travel and that I still have positive contact with the idle screw on closed throttle.


The engine is then run and the idle adjusted to 2200 rpm and the smoothness of run cleaned up by progressive 1/4 turns of the air screw that is adjacent to the idle adjustiing screw.


EDIT. Hmmm I better add a bit more! Do not adjust the air screw with the engine running!!!! You are too damn close to the prop and will be a bit lop sided with a missing arm! You have to keep switching off, adjusting and re-starting. Getting a 582 running really well is not difficult but can be a bit of a protracted procedure - but is well worth it. I flew a 582 Lightwing at a major school a few years ago and the engine was terrible (it subsequently had a major failure on me in flight but that was no hassle as I just flew back up the river to the airfield, as I had floats under me, dropped the gear and lobbed it over the fence!). On enquiry the school considered that was they way the engine 'just ran' and put up with it.


I should also say (although it should hardly be neccessary) after messing about with your adjustments, draw breath, then carefully go around everything that you have touched and check that you have re-locked ALL of the attachements.





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HI Farri, Just saying thanks for advice you gave, appreciated !


Hi Tony Thanks also to you ! You always find the time,


Everything is working fine, lots of fiddling and adjusting at carbys and controls.


All appears to be synchronized and operating smoothly.


Will look forward to firing up soon, still a bit to do.


As usual many thanks.............................FLY



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