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J160 Tyres??


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Can somebody tell me where I can get Trelleborg 13-500x6 6ply tyres as used on the J160's and J230's??


I am having trouble finding someone who can supply them for a discounted price (I am happy to buy in bulk if need be!)



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I've flown a 160 and 230 with the 10 ply Trelleborgs and know of a couple of others who have upgraded to them too. They appear to be deeper tread, wear better and are cathead burr proof. The only disadvantage appears to be a little more weight. See http://www.recreationalflying.com/forum/showpost.php?p=18824&postcount=231 for the details of M & C tyres.




Regards Geoff



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Do the 10 ply tyres fit inside the spats?

I fitted mine while building, so I'll leave it to BigPete or others to answer. They don't look too much different to the 6 plys. Maybe M & C can confirm whether the dimensions are any different.



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At Narromine this year I noticed that some of the Tooradin Jabs had 15 inch tyres on standard rims - not sure of the ply rating, but they looked terrific - any info out there?





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One of our guys has just completed and flown his J170.


He came up with the idea of getting a rubber strip, the ones that are placed between concrete slabs when pouring to allow for some long term movement.


He just cut the strip into the right length and width to fit right around inside the tyre and placed it between the tyre and the tube.


The combined thick layer of tyre and rubber insert fixed the bindi puncture problem and cheap and quick.


All four Jabs have now been done.



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