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G'day from Katherine


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G'Day All,


This is my first time on the and site it looks great. I don't currently have a plane but have had a Rally sport and Drifter in the past. I have flown Drifters mainly on cattle stations and they are fantastic for the job. Because most of my flying has been in isolated areas I have not been a member of a club. I currently do a lot of travelling in my work as a stock agent and am thinking about buying something like a Jabaru. I would appreciate any advice onwhat to look out for.





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Hi Rick


Welcome, that is a big question you have asked, and to a certian extent it comes to the budget, are you spending 50k or 150k, this should help narrow down the field.


Then how far and how fast do you need to go? Where will you be landing? etc


What a Great Question!


Cheers Guy



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