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Guest joe

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Interested in any advice on suitable batteries.


Was suggested to me that the ODESSY ES 12V 700 (about 290 bucks) is the most apropriate.


what do you all reakon??



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Guest Guest

What type of engine will this be running Joe?


Jabiru's use the Odyssey at standard issue. Usually go ok until the cold weather, so most owners down south change to a lighter oil, rather than a bigger battery because it's easier!



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I have used the Odyssey in the Corby Starlet since Feb 02. It failed on me in Feb 03 and I had to be jump started, but came good after charging. It failed again at just over 2 years old in cold weather and after some discussion with the local agent, he suggested removing the steel outer case which is only held on with silicone. It has performed fairly well since then and still starts the 2.2 Jab engine. It is plugged in to a small solar panel which must help.


I assume that removal of the case allows the battery to heat up quickly.


I now wheel the plane out and let the sun shine into the cockpit to warm the battery, then pull the prop through with full choke to prime before trying to start.


I anticipate that I will have to renew it for next winter. I like the fact that there is no risk of electrolyte leaking and the small size and weight.





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We use the Odyssey in a J200 Jab. Up to this year we have had them fail every winter. The local battey supplier said that the manufacture had changed and sure enough we have had no failures this winter -- so far.



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