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Resorcinol Supplier

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Can anyone direct me to an Australain supplier of Resorcinol glue in small quantities (1 litre/pint)? Suppliers I have located get it in 200 litre lots.


I can import it from the US, but it would be quicker if I could get it in Sydney.


Please, no suggestions that I use epoxy glues. It has to be resorcinol.


Old Man Emu



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Guest pelorus32

G'day OME,


man after my own heart. Ring Ian Johnston and tell him what you want. He'll either supply you or point you in the right direction.


Plywood Plus (Ian Johnston) Howden, TAS. Tel. 03 6267 1434


Mobile: 0418 202 957


Email: [email protected]



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Hi O.M.E


Just a suggestion, Look up a timber beam or structural fingerjoint manufacturer in your area, have a friendly talk to the leading hand or foreman and take along your bottles and photos of your project.These people buy in tonne lots and spill more in a day than you could ever use. Alternatively source out a local industrial adhesive supplier and talk to the technical rep. Be nice and they will give you a couple of litres. I used to be a manager in the Industrial Adhesive Industry and did this myself on occasion. To the best of my knowledge, industrial resorcinol can only be bought in 200 ltr drums.


Also, be aware, that there are resorcinols and there are resorcinols. Product sourced from a retailer may be somewhat lacking, that is why I suggest the structural beam people. They generally buy the best available product for obvious reasons.


John McK



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