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Aldinga Aero Club lends a helping hand

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It's been a while since I last visited the Aldinga Aero Club and as I heard there was to be a bit of a function on today, I thought it was time to show my face again. Much to my delight, I found the club helping others again, not only to raise money, but to get the chance of flying in a small plane. For many, it was the first time in a plane of any sort. The day was all about raising funds for the Leukaemia Foundation, and raising the spirits of those who have the illness. Many are children and to see the joy on their faces was magic. Late in the day, after my camera batteries failed me, club members raised the necessary funds by having their hair removed. I've only got a little so it was not for this little grey duck. At times like this, all the local 'pollies' show their face so it was no wonder the the L.F. had their own recording team on hand. I don't think they were there for the flying though. The camera seemed to stay pretty close to the free BBQ, wonder why. Anyway, enjoy my photos. Copy by all means, but please don't remove.




Also see, http://www.adelaidebiplanes.com.au/ (Turn your sound on)



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