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Caribou sighted at Katoomba

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The Army are currently doing a transport operation out of YKAT (Katoomba Airfield) after an invitation was extended to them by the "Katoomba Airfield Limited" and their supporters.


The Army will be on site conducting Ops for aprox 14 days.




NB The airfield is still open to all aircraft.Only the cross-runway is closed due to the army setting up their Ops base on there.


Should be fun doing circuits with Caribou ;)




The "Boo" sounds awsome on take -off. Twin Pratts and heaps of dust. It only used about 200m on T/O.





Video footage and more pics of Take Offs & Landings along with "Supply Drops"and ground support have been taken, and will be made available on the YKAT web site when possible.








These pics were taken by Roger Wursig on Friday 4 April 08.


Roger is a student at YKAT.





Steve. 041_helmet.gif.78baac70954ea905d688a02676ee110c.gif




1_DSC00033.JPG 1_DSC00033.JPG 1_DSC00035.JPG 1_DSC00034.JPG 1_Copy__2__of_DSC00028.JPG



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in my younger days, gee i make myself sound old now, i did 2 weeks work experience with 38 sqn and the caribou, it was good fun, especially after the 2 nd day i was flying regular sorties in the back seats.



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