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Minimum Hours per year

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Just wondering if there is a minimum numbers of hours a year you need


to fly with the RAA pilot certificate before having to fly with a CFI,





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Looking up the Op's Manual, it's a little vague?Check sections 2.8,2.9 and 2.13.Basic jist seems to be as long as you did a renewal flight within two years ago, you can still fly!But


the reality is that if you rock up to a flying school or club to hire


and fly, unless your logbook shows flying within the last four to six


weeks, they'll all want you to do a check ride with at least a senior


instructor.If you drive up to an airfield with your own


aircraft, at least one of the local operators should ask to see your


logbook and rego just for their own liability's sake.Once


again the reality is, if you are not known at the field, lots of people


will look over your plane, your rego card and someone will no doubt


want to look at your logbook again.If you complain too much


they may ask you to leave the field, or they will make sure they have a


witness or two of them saying to you "We suggest you don't fly, and if


you do we take NO responsibility for you"As for your actual question, I guess you only have to do one hour every two years, But it will be with a CFI!



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