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Guest aircraft1

Latest RAA mag has a good user story but i cant agree with the problems he had landing ? Done about 65 hours in one and a real plessure to fly.



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Giday Airborne,


I fly an xair std out of Goulburn. Great little aircraft, designed for fun not for speed. Having said that, it takes 55 lts and cruises at 60-65 knots. 2.5 - 3 hrs endurance. This is a comfortable, but basic, economy aircraft. If you have the time, this will take you most places you want to go. Mine climbs like a homesick angel and is great fun. For what I want (relaxation and fun) the xair suits me. Just my humble, if not slightly biased, opinion. The supplier also gives very good support and advice.







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Guest bateo

There was a large thread on the X-air about 12 months ago on this Forum... Worth trying to find.. There was some great info on experiences with the a/c



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