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Tecnam Sierra P2002 pilots manual


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Guest pelorus32
Thank you for this. Much more comprehensive than the photo copied one the owner has! I will print one for him as well.Tim :big_grin:

Hi Tim,


might be worth being aware that the P2002 and the P2002JF are similar but not the same aircraft. The JF is the certified version I think.


I think this kind of issue is referred to in Mick Poole's column in the most recent RAA Mag. I think he says something like "don't assume the numbers are the same with similar aircraft" - and then gives a Jab example.


You should not rely on the manual until you have ascertained that it is the same between the P2002 and the P2002JF.







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All the figures for the P2002 airframe are esentially the same but MTOW 580 kg for the JF and 600kg for LSA airframe. Other main difference is that the Tacho of the JF is cable driven and gives propellor rpm whereas the LSA Sierra tacho shows engine rpm.


If referring to the P2002JF manual you should multiply the rpm settings given by 2.431 to get comparable rpm settings for a P2002 Sierra.







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