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  1. I would have to check the part numbers although I am pretty sure that these Avdel rivers are in our extensive Tecnam parts stock and have supplied to LAME’s in the past. We air freight these in so they may be a little more expensive than bulk rivets by sea container. Regards Bruce
  2. Hi Alf I found the Supercheap sun visors very effective. There is a longer car side window version that is perfect for the Sierra. Throw away the original black suckers and buy the same size clear suckers from Clark Rubber. They rarely fall off then. And for any low wing bubble canopy, have a look at the ‘Snap vents’ sold by Aircraft Spruce. Price is low and vents very effective on ground. If LSA get approval from the manufacturer before installation! Regards Bruce
  3. I can see that there is some confusion on this subject Back in 2000 factory built Ultralights required a Type Certificate (TC). The original Australian manufacturers were required to go through an expensive certification process. There was no system in place to allow the importation of foreign factory built Ultralights. The only possibility was for CASA to formally visit the factory of the manufacturer and approve the aircraft for Australia. CASA issued a NPRM calling for submissions allowing foreign factory built ultralights. This new rule came to pass in 2002 with the proviso that a fo
  4. Thanks Alf It’s all slowly coming together with a step up in advertising shortly and a push on LSA and GA for 2018. regards Bruce
  5. For TECNAM owners who may have missed the TECNAM factory press release I have attached a link below: TECNAM STRENGTHENS ITS PRESENCE IN AUSTRALIA NEW ZEALAND WITH CORPORATE SUBSIDIARY The new company, TECNAM PTY LTD, based in SE Queensland, will take over the role as Master dealer for Australia and New Zealand. A large spares stock for LSA and GA TECNAM models will be established in SE Queensland under my control with overnight Express mail to Australian main centres and DHL overnight to our authorised service centre in Tauranga, New Zealand. A comprehensive CRM system will allow LAME
  6. And after you have done all that you have to get past AQIS on arrival. If the aircraft is new from a known manufacturer with a track record, the aircraft in container will smoothly pass through the clearing process. If, however the aircraft is second hand, the container will have to be completely unstuffed in a quarantine approved facility, inspected for, mud, grass, seeds and insects. The container is then stuffed again, not necessarily to your high standards and loaded on a truck for delivery. I always try to be there and supervise the unload, reload and fasten down for the final delivery. T
  7. Gosh Yenn, there might be hope for me yet... did he get younger and smarter? That's what I want... but it would need an accurate shot huh.
  8. Did that bullet enter through the top cowl? How could that happen?
  9. My condolences to John’s family and friends. I will miss John’s seasoned advice on this forum. Bruce
  10. Bruce

    P92 Eaglet question

    Toe brakes have been standard standard in all TECNAM LSA for some years now (except the P92 Classic).
  11. "The fact that they have cracked like that in the first place indicates that you have a vibration resonance on the part and so you need to damp it" Agree with Head in the Clouds, there is a vibration issue and this must be solved first. Balance the prop and the carbs! When was the prop last balanced with strobe or vibration analysis equipment?
  12. Australia Aerobatic Club ‘CASA Guidelines' 3.13 MANOEUVRING SPEED 3.13.1 Manoeuvring speed (VA) is the speed above which full deflection of the elevator control will exceed aircraft structural limitations. Below VA the aircraft will stall before structural limits can be exceeded. VA will be specified in the aircraft's flight manual and placarded on the instrument panel. Full control deflection of any flight control should be avoided above this speed. 3.13.2 It is important to note that VA is established at the aircraft's maximum all-up weight or maximum aerobatic weight, and that at l
  13. Regarding the negative comments from seb7701 and bilby54 following bluesky's attempt to seek advice from forum members, the following are the facts Trouble shooting was carried out on the engine by a Rotax qualified L2. Bert Flood supplied two new fuel pumps. At this point the owner felt that the power issue had not been resolved and contacted TECNAM Australia. Copies of the printouts recovered with the dongle were forwarded to the TECNAM factory. Response back from the Rotax factory was that they were aware of the problem through Bert Flood and that they were working with Bert Floo
  14. The prop is made by Bolly. Having used Bolly props on a number of TECNAM aircraft I cannot speak more highly of their smoothness, performance and durability. Small stone damage is non existant and erosion of the leading edge in rain experienced with wooden props is history. I strongly recommend a professional prop balance when changing any prop. This new prop will be a win,win for JABIRU owners.
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