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  1. If you look at fatal GA accidents investigated by the ATSB, they will at least provide a detailed factual report with 30 days even though the coroner is still investigating. Changes need to be made so RAAus can provide a detailed factual report (once the facts are known), rather that waiting for the coroners report. Factual reports do not have any analysis, causes or recommendations, but just the facts such as: Aircraft serviceability prior to the accident Pilot details Airport details (if the crash occurred at an airport) If an off airport crash, details of the crash site
  2. Another + 1 for Air QLD. A few years ago I decided to get current flying GA aircraft again (currently flying for a Major Airline) and after visiting the other mob at YRED (they wanted 3-5 hours for a check ride) I walked down the road to Air QLD, spoke to DH and a few days latter after less than 1.5 hours in a C172 I was cleared to fly all their single engine fleet. Last year I started the conversion over to RAAus using their Sling, but had to stop due to work, however will be back their next month to finish it off.
  3. It was a Mallad VH-CQA, which is normally based on the east coast.
  4. I learnt to fly at Illawarra Aviation (Chieftain's sister school on the other side of the airport) in the early 90's and then went on to Instruct at Illawarra. Yes there was a pool table in the clubroom.
  5. Lots of photos on their Facebook page, but no information.
  6. I'm after a word or PDF version of the Sling 2 iS Normal and Emergency/ Abnormal checklist. Does anyone gave one to share? Note I've got the 55 page POH and the checklists in it are based on the 912 ULS.
  7. Heard similar feedback from two other pilots I know who have flown. Both were expercied Foxbat pilots and were amazed to find no trim tab on the rudder.
  8. It has the dual glass panel (photo below). I think it has the Rotax fuel injection, but not 100% sure, only found out 2 days ago they have it online.
  9. For those wanting to fly a Sling, the Royal QLD Aero Club's former Sling is now on line with Air Queensland at Redcliffe. This particular Sling has toe brakes fitted and means they now have two RAAus aircraft on line (and a reasonable size GA fleet), the other being the Tecnam P2008.
  10. How about we get back on topic. If you want to have discussion about ramp checks/ required docs etc, start a new thread.
  11. That's what I thought, but if you go back a few pages there are posts regarding the ATSB investigating.
  12. Some comments earlier about the ATSB investigating, however nothing on their website indicates this.
  13. Photos on Queensland Airport Spotters Facebook page showing the aircraft being flipped back over and being towed back in (can see the damage in this photo).
  14. The Tiger Month that operates joyflights out of Redcliffe flipped this afternoon towards the end of it's landing roll.
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