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  1. mike I cant make any holes in that story yet I thank you wonder how many off the I just want to fly bugger the politics of their organization really care where they are headed neil
  2. yep thruster88 you are spot on but don't ask why it was not same as the that hidden message about parking in the fine print neil
  3. is that on top off admission fee must have been in the fine print neil
  4. yep doing a 6 hr drive to get there neil
  5. well buggar me so you don't get tired driving at high speed in a truck what brand were you on neil
  6. mike why and how did CASA do a hostile take over off RAA I would be very interested in your explanation of said incident neil
  7. yes what did that online course do when you could have all the book answers beside you I got 85 % no books just done it to see how I would go just clicked on it did it cold turkey and I got a tick off approval it was a bloody disaster now I do have HARD copies of all the books that were needed had I taken my time to look up what the question want to know would have got 100% now that would be lying to my self and others as I am not that smart with a 100% when as keith and frank pointed out hands on and being shown is a mutch safer way for raa not to recommend this or recognize thi
  8. frank keith I will bet it was at your own expense that bloody l1 course on a computer and casa said that was ok what a bloody disaster that was hope that anyone that works on there own plane DOES NOT HAVE 20million insurance cover cause if something hits the fan gues what neil
  9. I was learning at penfeild feb feb 05 had the pleasure of meeting the previous owner mr penny what a interesting man he was terry Otway was my instructor rip young fella neil
  10. that will go over some heads notso neil
  11. now tiresome I may be if you cant learn by mistakes that are passed over as if it did not happen this crap was supposed to end after 2012 or there about yeh I did move on I cut the 90 thousand dollar aircraft when new in half because off the failure off raa pick up your phone and dial 0419202665 and get my story and I will give you other names that were appalled at the repair neil
  12. with the push of a button that new IT installation that cost thousands to install would tell you all the truth oh maybe or doesn't it work what are they hiding raa used the excuse that the paper work was lost a few years ago so may be they have lost them ipads neil
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