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  1. During WW2 petrol was rationed and many people would store any petrol that was excess to their needs ( rare ) for future use. I recall finding a 44 gallon drum in similar circumstances to pm. I knew from family folklore that it was such petrol. It was yellowish in colour, smelled terrible, could be confused with kero smell but was different. Modern petrol engines would not run on it. It would have been 50 years old. In those days power kerosine as it was known was coloured green, "lighting"kero ( used in kerosine fridges etc.) was blue. I was always told that it was illegal to run road vehic
  2. bobcharl

    Savannah VG

    Hi Jon, The jury struts came as part of the original kit for my VG XL. I later purchased the 600kg upgrade kit separately. Have no definitive info re the VG, but on thinking back I cannot recall seeing any Sav without the jury struts. Agree with Mark in #2, get it checked thoroughly. Bob
  3. Would be very supportive of a subscription based system. However $10 up front and $1 per month sounds like a pittance to me. Ian, you should not think of it as a contribution or donation, rather as a fee for service. And please, forget the FB option. Bob
  4. Dan3111, can you forward me some contact details please? Bob
  5. Dan3111, can you forward me some contact details please? Bob
  6. Sorry Guys, I know that there is a thread pertaining to this somewhere but damned if I can find it. Anyone know of an Australian dealership for these units? Bob
  7. Thanks Nev. Have checked these and they seem to be fine. Onetrack, Thanks also, if all else fails this may be a good fallback position. Bob
  8. Thanks for the comments guys. The installation uses a mechanical fuel pressure gauge. D/U, have been through all the things that you mention without success. T88, you may have picked it. Seems very logical to me. I am away for the next month, but on return will check this out and post the results here. Thanks again, Bob.
  9. Would appreciate some advice re the following: At around 200 hrs the fuel pressure in my Sav started a rapid pressure pulsation. Floods suggested it may be to do with the location of the vent tube from the pump and suggested some fixes, none of which worked. In desperation a new pump was fitted (supplied at no cost to me) and the issue was solved. However 50 hrs later the problem has re-emerged. Floods are at a loss to suggest a cause. Logic would indicate that it is not to do with the installation given the outlined course of events. Does anyone have any thoughts as to what is going on?
  10. Would love to see the Sunday email re-instated. Bob
  11. I never, ever use full flap for takeoff for the reasons that JG3 details above. However, rightly or wrongly, I always use full flap for landing except in xwind conditions. I don't find any control difficulties and it seems that touchdown speed is a bit slower which is a plus on my could-be-smoother farm strip. Also seems to be easier to keep the nose wheel off at touchdown as compared to one stage of flap, and I think that is important with Savs (as well as lots of others). Bob
  12. Hi All, After attending the members forum I am of the same understanding as XC Buzzard. Would not have minded if parking fees were going to Lions or Men’s Shed.Seems the attending motorists were the soft target. Enjoyed the event though, and would attend next year, even if there are improvements that could be made. Bob
  13. Have just been to AirVenture for its first day at Cessnock. Because of the weather I decided to drive rather than fly. Rather surprised to be hit with a $10 per day parking charge. Did not know anything about it, did anyone else? Argued my way out of it but do not like my chances of the same tomorrow. Be prepared. Bob.
  14. Hi OME, Your quote "Not so sure about this - the 1 mm/87 psi spec refers to a very upmarket, probably aviation specific, leak down tester that has a slightly different operating mechanism to the common or garden EBay $30+ type." is really the nub of my query. It seems to me that the orifice size would need
  15. Thanks Bill, I have looked at the Ebay adverts, but how do I know if the orifice is Rotax specification? Bob
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