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Tecnam video

Ben Longden

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I did a vid of the Goulburn Valley Aero Club's band new Tecnam doing some work in a strong crosswind at Shepparton, Vic.


The Air Shepparton instructor, Tristan Meddings was absolutely brilliant at the controls with his new student.




Best viewed if you have broadband..





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She looks like a touchy machine...how do they fly? compared to a jabiru 160 or the like?..theres a school near me that hires them out..Whats the normal cruise speed ?? nice job on the landings...i too prefer the crab method of crosswind approach's..the wingdown is just too counterintuative..dunno why..lol..



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She looks like a touchy machine...how do they fly? compared to a jabiru 160 or the like?....

Hi Motzartmerv,


I currently instruct on LSA55 Jabiru's, and have about 25 hours in the Tecnam P92 (high wing) from the right hand seat. Also done a few hours in Jab 160/170/230.


From my perspective the Tecnam is a much easier aircraft to fly and particularly to land. The controls in the Tecnam are lighter and better balanced than the Jabs, and the dual sticks make it easier to instruct. The Tecnam also approaches 5-10 knots slower than the Jabs which makes it easier for low time pilots.


Visibility from the Tecnam is a lot better than the Jabirus. Cruise speed is much the same as the 4 cylinder Jabirus with a slightly higher fuel burn. I also found getting in and out of the Tecnam easier. All in all the Tecnam is a more refined design, but unfortunately dearer to buy, and spare parts are much dearer than Jabiru.


I suspect that what looks like touchiness in the video is just strong and gusty winds.







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Ok..thanx Bruce..I been meaning to pop over to the oaks for ages...ive been flying out of camden in Gostners J160's...I do like the jabs but i dont like the over the fence speeds.. But im willing to put up with it for the cruise speed...Does Dave's school jab have gps?..Do they hire out a tecnam?


Cheers mate



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