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35 Years since last solo


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This is my first post, I haven't flown solo since 1973, when I was a student at Civil Flying School, Jandakot WA, later to become Bib Stillwell Aviation.


Had a limited purse and had to choose between a new bride and house, or flying, and, well, you know of course which one won.


Have discovered the possibility of recreational aviation and am looking at re-entering at this level as I still have the passion (both for flying, and the same bride).


As a footnote, does anyone know just what happens to "dead" logbooks as I didn't ever collect mine and just wondered if they might be held somewhere??


Cheers to all,




Donnybrook WA



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G'Day Brad,


I had cause to track my log book from a flying school back in 99. The school had since closed and I was able to conact the former owner who kindly delivered it within days. I'm unawae of any central systematic storage of owner lost log books. But you have come to the right place to find out. Someone here will know.


Welcome aboard, Kelvin



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Dead LOg Book.


098_welcome.gif.81ff07d492568199326e4f64f78d7bc6.gif Brad,


I could be wrong in your case, however, as with all dead things they are usually buried.


If the school still exists there may be a chance,if not,I doubt it.


A log book is only some paper with past history on it and doesn`t represent your present capabilities,what you do from now on is what counts towards your next solo.




Frank. :rotary:



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Someone will know


Thanks Kelvin and Frank


I live in hope that someone will know, I didn't for a minute think that there would be any value in my old hours, I just thought it would be an interesting document for the family archives.







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