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Hi all,


I was told about a book that was written a few years ago about some guys exploits in a Thruster. I think he was UK based, and was promised it was a great read.


At the time I wrote the title and auther down, but it apears to have been misplaced.


Any help greatly appreciated.







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Guest TOSGcentral

What you are referring to is probably "Propeller Head" by Antony Woodward published by Flamingo in 2001


It is a very good read. Generally humerous (very tongue in cheek and a bit cynical in places). It is entirely about experiences in Thrusters from starting to becoming an 'experienced' pilot in them. Any Thruster pilot or student will instantly empathise with this.


The author takes the gloves off and calls it the way he felt it - including taking out a chunk of the UK National Electricity Grid with one.


Beyond the flying (although interwoven with this) are some personal experiences with girlfriends, various friends etc that give a great deal of human appeal to the story told without being crass or 'voyuer' about it - or not much anyway.


I certainly recommend it - perhaps I may write my own version one day, I have been asked to do so often enough but I am not really into that sort of thing with writing.







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