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Sky Fighters


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For those of you that have Foxtel World Movies. I saw a movie yesterday called "Sky Fighters".


Its basically a french version of Top Gun but with Mirage 2000s Alpha Jets and a few other French Air Force types. This movie has even better aerial scenes than Top Gun. The plot is a bit thin and a couple of the aviation sequences leave a bit to be desired in the believability arena, but the aerial footage is excellent.


Also, the scene where one of the pilots (female of course) performs a strip tease on the engine cowling of an F4N Corsair would probably cause the RAAF to be disbanded if a similar thing happened in reality in Oz.


Its not showing again any time soon on World Movies, but you may find it at some foreign movie store or website.


Some of these foreign movies are great aviation stories and have great footage if you can stand the subtitles.



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