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Low CHT on 1 Cyl


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Hi all

I recently noticed a low CHT reading on No 1 Cyl in cruise.

Engine is a Gen 3 2200 in my Jabiru J170D.

The temps usually sit around 140deg on all Cyl but the last few flights No 1 Cyl is bouncing around between 95 and 105deg.

I have checked the wire connection to the cylinder which looks intact, but haven’t gone any further at present.

I have also been advised to put the probe into boiling water and check the gauge reading but haven’t had the chance yet.

At this stage I am assuming maybe a broken or chafed wire between the gauge and the Cyl probe. The instrument is the MGL grey Bar type EGT/CHT display.

Just asking if anybody else had this issue and the resolution.



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