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aircraft inspector needed

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g'day guys


i am interested in a Drifter that is for sale, located near Longreach


does anybody know of someone who would be willing to act as an independent inspector of this aircraft for me? (way too far for me to do it, and i aint qualified anyways)


i am willing to pay for flight costs for anyone who lives within a couple of hours flying time (each way) plus an agreed fee, for a written report sent to me via email


i am ready to act on this immediately - all suggestions/offers considered (i will also be asking R A Aus if they can put me in contact with someone who can help)






(nr Boonah)



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Guest cooky

There is a bloke aroung my area Baralaba who might be intersested, Myles Brietriektz I think his name is, I believe he is on the RAA board. Not to sure but lives in Wowan CQ.



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g'day callide


thanks m8


i looked at the racq trip planner and it tells me it's about a 7 hour drive from wowan to iflracrombe, so if he has a 100 knot acft that would be a days flying i guess


looked up the name in online white pages and didn't get a hit so unless you have some other contact details it's a bit of a dead end m8


still waiting for a couple of possibilities for the inspection, might even fly out there meself (commercial)


cheers and thanks





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Guest Crezzi

I think Myles is a CFI or PE so he should have an entry on the RAA website in the documents listing all of those


Hope that helps





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