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Change of code at Coffs Harbour


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  • 3 weeks later...
Can anyone advise roughly when it was that the code for Coffs Harbour changed from YSCH to YCFS?

Hi there Captain, I maybe able to help out.


The ICAO apt code changed on the 22NOV07 (AIRAC 0711). AIC H7/07 refers.


I understand the reason for the change is to resolve duplicate VOR ident conflicts within AsA's TAAATS system between Christchurch VOR (CH) in NZ and the previous named Coffs Harbour VOR (CH).


Hope this helps







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Thanks Ossie




These types of changes cause all sorts of grief for computer based flight planning programs ..... until you revert to the old code or get an updated version.




When the program didn't recognise YCFS I thought that Coffs airport might have been sold to a retirement home or palliatives care hospital developer.




Regards Geoff



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