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first heavy flights

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Had my first flights with heavy traffic at ballarat on saturday :) it was a buzz having so much activity around me, learning different radio calls(including confirming visuals with other a/c in the circuit) and being more aware of traffic, i had a couple of dramas of which i handled with ease (a/c backtracking long after i called final i was on realy short final, i called base RWY 36 and straight after another a/c calles the same.... right on my six.) being the 2nd aircraft out of 3 on final ECT, only little things but when you have not delt with them before it is a tad daunting. glad i had another brain sitting next to me to ask advice from ;) thanks manny.


but also made 2 bad errors which thank god i picked up on my myself without intervention at an early stage.


my flying has come forward in leaps and bounds since flying the LSA back in 2001, and on saturday my flying was at its best.


Just love it.



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Guest David C

Good on ya Ferret ... It sure is great and so satisfying when under pressure you shine through . It is confidence building at its best . I know how you feel . I flew out of Wollongong last Saturday . On my circuit rejoin I was #2 in the Jabiru to a Lockheed Neptune and had a DC3 Dakota bearing down on me on finals too !!! ... Add to that a Cessna Caravan and a trike and you see the picture .. I picked up a lot too, including wake turbulance !! and like you had the benefit of company in the form of Just Fred from this forum ... A big plus was also meeting up with Slarti in his Cheetah . Great to see you again mate :big_grin:


Dave C



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