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How to determine the best gearbox prop combo

Adrian Lewer

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Hey everyone, need some input here. i have decided the X-Air hanuman might be the way to go in regards to building and flying my own aircraft. but i have hit a little hurdle. i need to know how do i figure out which prop and gear box combo (on arotax 582) will be best for me.


i am wanting quick acceleration from short strips and will be willing to loose a couple of knots cruise. the hanuman will cruise at about 65kts and will be willing to let that slide to 60kts in the search for better acceleration and climbout STOL. should i go 2 or 3 blade ? not sure here...


with the gear boxes i dare say the "E" box is the standard ?


all i need to do now is buy the bloody kit........ oh please mr bank man say approved.....


oh and where is the best place to buy instruments ?



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Guest aircraft1

Call Michael Coates of X-Air, i am sure he will have all the answers for you with anything X-Air.



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