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It sems werent not the only ones OCTA these days!

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Guest Macnoz

dont know why you wouldnt swap Rocko. It is an engaging fun job particularly if you are SMC




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Guest J430

And you cleared out ......... or are about to, off to sandier pastures!


Tecnam sold?





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Well, lets just say, I have sold the Tecnam, sold the Hangar and sold my house at Woody Point near Redcliffe Airport.


I have an EK ticket booked for a 'visit' to somewhere sandy in September.


What happens after that..... who knows.


Also heard a rumour that there is a concerted campaign about to start to ramp up the recruitment overseas in the next couple of months.


Interesting times - it seems the media and the government have no idea what is going on with respect to this. Now if only we could get a decent contract offer from home....



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Go for it Paul....you won't look back. :thumb_up: We did it in 1989 and lived in the 'sandpit' until I retired. It was a great experience for the whole family as our children were still school age at the time and was a convenient place to be based as it is so close to Europe........and the lifestyle itself is certainly no hardship.


It was a pleasure flying in and out of the Gulf airports as the accents from ATC were predominantly "Aussie"......just felt like home really except the runways were mostly 14000 to 15000 ft long and light aircraft were a rarity, however if you are going to be based at OMDB, I believe nowadays that light aircraft are available for hire from the DXB Flying Club.


Good luck & regards,





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Thanks for the good wishes.


The plan is to go - if we go - for 3 years, and during that time put some pennies aside for the amphibian that I dream about upon returning to Oz.


However, I too know of some who went for just 'a couple of years' and haven't come back!


Life is an adventure after all!



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