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  1. I bought two of these (each holds 20L) and they work really well. They are made in China but the quality is good and price reasonable. Supplier is "Liquid Containment' who I think are located in Melbourne. Try calling Paul at this number 0405 138664.
  2. Thanks for the 'heads up' Bob......my wife and I were out walking yesterday morning and saw him flying south over the Perth beaches at about 500 ft. We wondered who it was and now we know! Regards, Dave
  3. I understand this was the Skycatcher prototype being flown by a Cessna test pilot.....details are still sketchy but more info here: Skycatcher Prototype Crashes
  4. At YPJT we pay $638 per month. The hangar is large enough to accommodate two light aircraft. (singles)
  5. Sounds like a case of too many bureaucrats with too little to do thumb_down Does this only happen at YSCB or have people been having problems elsewhere?
  6. Does anyone know if Bert Floods have run a course like this in the past? I would be prepared to fly to Melbourne in order to attend.......sure is closer than Florida. Here is the schedule for Sebring. Flight Design & Rotax Maintenance Training The dates for this year’s Repair & MX class in Sebring, FL are as follows: October 6-9: CTsw and CTLS Aircraft MX. Cost is US$600 October 10-11: Rotax engine Service. Cost is US$450 October 13-14: Rotax engine maintenance. Cost is US$450 October 15-17: FD Composite repair training. Cost is US$600 Frank from Germany,
  7. Spectacular forced landing in Perth suburb Wattleup Article from: PerthNow Nick Taylor, police reporter August 27, 2008 02:30pm A PLANE flew under power lines and narrowly missed homes before smashing a wing as it crashed in suburban Perth with two people on board, a witness says. A man said tonight he watched the light aircraft crash outside his home in the southern suburb of Wattleup, after its single engine died as it departed nearby Jandakot airport. The plane's pilot and a passenger walked away from the spectacular crash about 4pm at the junction of Mortimer Road an
  8. Sebring Aviation in Florida conduct regular Rotax maintenance training courses each year and I am wondering if anything similar is available or planned for Australia? I contacted Bert Floods quite a long time ago regarding this but nothing has ever eventuated. Is anyone else out there interested in this type of course? Dave
  9. Motza....not sure quite what you mean when you say that fuelling from 44g (200L) drums is not permitted in GA? Perhaps I misunderstood the question. There are places I fly to in WA that Avgas is only available in drums, although you have to buy the whole 200L. Check this CASA article out. http://casa.gov.au/fsa/2003/mar/32-34.pdf Regards Dave
  10. I have finally tracked down a suitable grease nozzle to service the control rod end bearings on the CT. It is an Alemite product and I am attaching a photo with all the details. The nozzle pictured has a 1/8 BSP Female thread which fits most common grease guns. (I have a McNaught). I got totally ripped off as I had to buy it from Toolmart as the Alemite wholesaler would not sell it directly to me. It is a US$6.78 item however I got charged AUD$35.20 (incl. GST) which included $14.50 for freight (it had to come from 2 suburbs away to my local Toolmart shop!!) http://www.alemite-lubr
  11. Having to remove the wheel when away from home base in the event of a puncture can be a problem if you don't have the right tools. Undoing the securing bolt (KA4020503) can be a hassle although I have released it using a shifter, however you can potentially damage the bolt head so I have had a special socket made up for the purpose. It's not expensive to fabricate as the barrel is made out of an old trailer jockey wheel and there is not a lot of welding to do. The drive size can be made to suit whatever you have in your toolkit.
  12. JG....Thanks for the excellent pictures and captions of your journey. Can you advise whether the Milparinka pub had premium unleaded fuel available? Thanks Dave
  13. Go for it Paul....you won't look back. :thumb_up: We did it in 1989 and lived in the 'sandpit' until I retired. It was a great experience for the whole family as our children were still school age at the time and was a convenient place to be based as it is so close to Europe........and the lifestyle itself is certainly no hardship. It was a pleasure flying in and out of the Gulf airports as the accents from ATC were predominantly "Aussie"......just felt like home really except the runways were mostly 14000 to 15000 ft long and light aircraft were a rarity, however if you are going to be bas
  14. I agree...great pics. and obviously very good facilities at Temora. Looks like the country around there could do with some more rain though as it appears very dry for this time of year.
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