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Guest coolmango

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Guest coolmango

Hi all. Well at 41 I am about to follow my dreams. In fact I hope I am going to do what I always thought was impossible - start slow have fun, and finally end up with a new career.


Anyway I am looking forward to my adventure. I am hoping to write a dirary of my experience. my first lesson is on Friday 8:00am. I guess I will be there early.


I always thouht I would never follow my dreams - to expensive blaa blaa.


However I reciently heard and had verified of a "new" CPL pilot being employed and put through "the training" (???) for jet aircraft the airline use. Nothing special except this guy is 61 and was a retied plumber who had never even flown in a plane until he started to learn to fly. Apprently he only had the absolute basics to qualify for the job ... How do I know ? Many of my friends work for this particular airline, and I also met the bloke myself as I am ever the sceptic..... There is such a shortage the opportunty to follow my dreams is too great !


So. I am just looking at baby steps and can't wait to enjoy the ride.


How Green am I ? As green to flying gets... :rotary:



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098_welcome.gif.81ff07d492568199326e4f64f78d7bc6.gif coolmango that first lesson is your downfall you are hocked that thing money ians:confused: laundry:off topic: is what it all about like you it was i thought it would be out of my reach but with a good instructor you will get there an d you are only 41 lets see you at 42 fully certified in raa all the best neil
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Guest Bretto

welcome to site coolmango


The training that you described for CPL pilot is whats called a cadetship, there are a couple of companies now that part or fully fund the course on the provision you sign a contract to stay with that company for x amount of time


If you have the funds to pay for it yourself there are a LOT of VERY reputable training organisations out there for you to conduct your training


Good luck with it all and look forward to seeing your progress



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